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Markage MB, a versatile and highly capable Multi MA smoke control damper

The MARKAGE MB is a CE certified smoke control damper, designed to bring the most elevated manual activation (MA) performance & functionality, qualified for multi-compartment applications.

The Markage MB’s highest classification equals EI 120 (vedw hodw i<->o)S 1500 C10.000 MA MULTI. Next to its life saving function, the Markage MB has been designed to bring maximum performance in the smallest possible space and maximum installation flexibility.

Its multi-blade design brings the best aerodynamic performance and consequently highest net passage in the market, amongst comparable products. It can be used in a wall, floor, or duct and this in all relevant orientations.

Special attention has also been given to ease of installation by integrating sensible and time saving duct connection and sealing options (connection grooves, 1S, dedicated suspension brackets).

Depending on size, the Markage MB comes with 3 – state of the art – types Belimo actuators and the front accessible motor housing is designed to also contain and protect the commonly used control modules.

For applications requiring bigger than single unit Markage MB sizes, Rf-Technologies offers several CE certified battery configurations.

The Markage MB is CE certified in line with the product standard EN 12101-8, tested according EN 1366-10 and EN 1366-2 and classified according EN 13501-4. Next to the MA classification the Markage MB has also been certified as a HOT400/30 (manual activation variant) and as an Automatic Activation (AA) smoke control damper, in addition to being fit for purpose for single compartment applications.

The product guarantees a fire resistance for 90 and 120 minutes, depending on the installation and application. Typical applications for the Markage MB are SHEVS (Smoke & Heat Exhaust Ventilation Systems), PDS (Pressure Differential Systems) and underground garage air in/outlet systems.

Smoke control dampers are used for smoke control in horizontal circulations or other spaces in a building. They open locally to vent smoke in case of fire while maintaining fire resistance in standby (closed) position.

The Markage MB smoke control damper is available in a large number dimensions, and has an MA and HOT400/30 rating. The damper blades can still change position during the first 30 minutes, controlling smoke during or after a fire.

Product features & benefits

  • in accordance with EN 12101-8
  • tested according to EN 1366-10 and EN 1366-2
  • suitable for installation in solid wall and refractory channels
  • maintenance free
  • for indoor applications
  • large number of installation options
  • possibility to control with bus communication module
  • large dimensions
  • version available for dry installation
  • superior airtightness (tested at 1500 Pa)

Go to the Markage MB product page on our website to find all relevant information and documents of this new product: range and dimensions, operation and mechanisms, options and kits, installation and classification.

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