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Rf-Technologies innovates by integrating a communication module into a fire damper actuator

The ONE-X actuator is a unique and innovative component of our new ZENiX monitoring and controlling system. ZENiX allows to permanently monitor and control fire dampers, smoke control dampers and shutters, inputs and outputs. In case of a fire alarm it will execute defined scenarios and will report changes in various ways.

The ONE-X spring return actuator is probably the most innovative part of the ZENiX system: it is a unique integration of a field module and a fire damper actuator. The ONE-X combines all functions of a fire damper actuator, including passive safety based on the spring return principle. The ONE-X retains its fire safety function even without power supply or connection to the bus.* It can be mounted on all Rf-Technologies fire dampers. Because it is integrated, there is no need to provide a connection between the actuator and the field module.

Rf-Technologies supplies the ONE-X mounted on the fire damper. With the integrated field module, you save installation time and reduce the risk of wiring errors. Furthermore the ONE-X has the lowest power consumption of all fire damper actuators on the market. For building owners this means significant energy and cost savings.

The ONE-X casing guarantees an IP54 protection. 3 LEDs on the casing of the ONE-X indicate the status of the damper, the bus communication and any error messages. The new ONE-X is available in 24V and a 230V versions, with optional IP68 pre-mounted wire-to-wire connectors (option CN).

* without power supply or bus, the ONE-X works like a fusible link mechanism, and will close the damper if the temperature exceeds 72 ° C. if you connect the bus but not yet the power supply, you can monitor the position of the damper with the ZENiX-100 controller and already start the ventilation with the certainty that all dampers are open

Product features & benefits

  • the ONE-X is a spring-return fire damper actuator, suited for installation on all Rf-t fire dampers
  • innovative integration of a field module into the ONE fire damper actuator offering many advantages:
  • no need for an additional field module to be installed close to the damper: it is integrated and protected by the IP54 housing
  • no additional work to connect the field device to the actuator: saves installation time and avoids wiring mistakes
  • supplied pre-mounted on the damper thus saving space, especially important where or when installation space is limited, like above a suspended ceiling or in a technical shaft
  • available in a 24V and 230V version and optionally with wire-to-wire connectors – supplied with IP68 wire-to-wire connectors pre-mounted on the two bus cables (bus in and bus out) and on the power cable
  • 3 colored LEDs on the ONE-X show the status of the damper (red), the status of the bus communication (blue) and potential error messages (yellow)
  • the ONE-X is pre-addressed and requires no configuration: again saves time and avoids mistakes

The ZENiX system

ZENiX is a full-fledged monitoring and controlling system for fire dampers, smoke control dampers and shutters. It is permanently monitoring the status of all components in the network, adapting if required. In case of fire alarm it will execute the pre-defined scenarios and report changes in various ways.

The ZENiX system is very flexible: it can be used for basic fire scenarios using a pre-programmed solution, but also for multiple matrix-based fire scenarios. ZENiX allows to:

  • monitor both motorised (24 and 230V) and mechanical dampers
  • monitor and control fire dampers, smoke control dampers and shutters
  • generate outputs to other systems (like f.i. a BMS) and to other HVAC components

Discover more about the ZENiX system and all its components in the general ZENiX product brochure. Or visit the Controllers product page on our main website to find technical and other relevant information about every component of the ZENiX controlling system.

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