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MG-U. A new U/U fire-resistant collar designed for cost-efficiency

MG-U is our built-in fire-resistant collar with U/U classification. It’s a flexible and aesthetic solution for all applications (U/U, U/C, C/U & C/C) and available for a large range of plastic pipes & diameters.

MG-U is the latest product in our current range of fire-resistant collars. Thanks to a revolutionary and unique design, this fire-resistant collar allows a very fast and easy installation using regular PUR foam, with or without screws.

Installers love the new MG-U fire collar

Sealing with PUR foam is super easy and quick!


Easy & fast

sealing with standard PUR foam*

with or without screws




1 collar for all applications:
Uncapped (U/U) and Capped (U/C & C/C) pipes

massive and flexible walls, massive floors

large range of plastic pipes



one sided access sufficient

saving space

aesthetic solution

A unique design offering many advantages

A flush-mount collar (in a floor or wall) has several advantages over a surface-mount collar: only one has to be installed in a wall, and access from one side of the wall is sufficient. With penetration into a shaft, for example, an MG-U collar can be installed easily even if there is no physical access to the shaft. With a flush-mount installation a bend or socket fitting can be installed directly against the wall of floor. This improves the arrangement of the whole assembly.

A further advantage of the MG-U collar is that it can be sealed with polyurethane foam. As the foam expands, the sealant only needs to be applied from one side. A single collar in the wall instead of one on each side also saves considerable expense and time.

The MG-U fire collar has a U/U classification, making it suitable for use with all types and diameters of plastic pipe

Sealing with polyurethane foam is a unique and patented solution. Polyurethane foam has the advantages of being inexpensive, quick to apply, and not needing any finishing afterwards. In the event of a fire, the standard (flammable) polyurethane will burn away completely and be replaced by a special intumescent material on the outside of the MG-U collar. This means that the MG-U fire collar in the wall or floor is actively effective both inward and outward, and the integrity of the compartment is maintained.

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