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White paper on the classification criteria for Smoke Control Dampers

This whitepaper explains how to read and understand the terminology of classification criteria for smoke control dampers. What is the meaning and use of all the orientation and installation suffixes, and what is the difference between ‘vew‘-classification and ‘ved‘-classified Smoke Control Dampers (SCD’s) in builders work ducts.

The set of standards for Smoke Control Dampers, EN 1366-10:2011+A1:2017, EN 13501-4 and EN 12101-8, respectively the test, classification and product standard, makes the distinction between 4 different installation related suffixes ‘ved‘, ‘hod‘, ‘vew‘, ‘how‘. This white paper aims to clarify the meaning and use of these orientation suffix: ‘ve‘ and ‘ho‘ and installation suffixes ‘d’ and ‘w’.

Next to that, the author also explains the difference between ‘vew‘-classification and ‘ved‘-classified SCD’s in builders work ducts.

This document contains extracts from:

  • EN 1366-10 :2011 + A1 :2017 Test standard
  • EN 13501-4 :2016 Classification standard
  • EN 12101-8 :2011 Product standard

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