Tergooi MC

Tergooi MC - Hilversum
Hilversum, The Netherlands
BAM Bouw & Techniek - Speciale Projecten
ULC Installatietechniek

Rf-Technologies delivered

fire dampers

About this project

The construction of the Tergooi MC in Hilversum was started in 2019. Rf-Technologies was involved in the project as from September 2020 for the control and monitoring of the fire dampers. First deliveries were made during 2021. Installation of the Rf-Technologies products in the first three buildings was completed in 2022, and in building D in 2023.

Rf-Technologies supplied some 600 fire dampers equipped with the ONE-X actuator. The customer BAM Bouw en Techniek – Speciale Projecten and installer ULC Installatietechniek chose the ONE-X because module and actuator are integrated: this provides a significant advantage because it saves on the number of connections, and an integrated solution also allows a more efficient use of space (no extra space needed in the false ceiling for a separate field module).

The fire dampers in the buildings are controlled by 22 ZENiX-100 master controllers. Normally, a smaller number of controllers would suffice, but for this large project the customer preferred to work per floor or a number of floors and validate everything for those floors each time. The ZENiX system is very flexible and allows working with multiple controllers: they are all in the same network, communicating and sharing alarms with each other. So with this flexibility and the limited cost of the ZENiX-100, Rf-Technologies could easily align itself to the working methodology preferred by the client.

The Rf-Technologies team assisted the client at every stage. During the data point check (carried out per phase) the system indicated where any possible cabling errors were located. The software is very simple and, after a few guided checks, allowed the client to carry out the data point checks himself and check the cabling works on the day of execution and make any necessary adjustments.

The ZENiX system monitors and controls all fire dampers in the 4 buildings. Communication with the building management system is via BACnet IP. The BMS reads the status of all fire dampers in the building but can also send commands to the ZENiX system. During the course of the project, additional fire dampers were installed and a number of scenarios were added. The system is flexible enough to deal with these changes and the ZENiX service team always provides the necessary support.

Rf-Technologies would like to thank the consortium of BAM Bouw en Techniek – Speciale Projecten and ULC Installatietechniek for their trust and excellent collaboration, and congratulates them on the realization of this fantastic project.

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